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Pedestal for Wood Deck - The Pedestal System

Discover why the Pedestal for Wood Deck range is Australia ultimate solution to bring any type of plank to a new height. Read more on the Pedestal System.

Deck Pedestals and Deck Supports - Bison and MRP - Patios, Decks

Deck Supports and Deck Pedestals are an excellent way to support an elevated deck on virtually any surface. In a variety of applications, these products are perfect for use with deck pavers or tiles. . IPE Wood Tiles by Bison - 2' x 2' - ribbed 

The Pedestal System for Wood Deck - YouTube

The Pedestal System is distributed in Australia and located in the city of Melbourne. The Pedestal system for Wood Deck is the ultimate solution 

Pedestals Bison Innovative Products

It, and ScrewJack pedestals create level rooftop decks over sloped surfaces. Bison pedestals elevate and support Wood Tiles, Concrete Pavers 

Altitudes Pedestal Adjustable Screw-Jack Deck Tile System

Altitudes Pedestal system with hardwood deck tiles above view .. underside to secure wood slats; Notch cut tile corners to fit around conduit where needed 

Deck Systems Buzon Pedestals International

The projects below represent a few different installs of wood deck systems. There are 1000's of installs around the world that make use of Buzon pedestals.

How to Build Wood Decks with a Pedestal System - Architrex

How to construct a traditional wood plank deck over sloping or uneven surfaces with a pedestal system.

Pedestal System - Coverdeck

For Use with Coverdeck Systems Wood and Porcelain Structural Panels . Made in the USA these deck tile connectors make installation eaiser for decking 

The Pedestal System

Find out why the Pedestal System is the best professional substructure System in Australia. Exclusive product for Architects and Builders. Read more here.

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