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The Cadillac or Volvo of floor finishes, acid-cured Swedish finishes are for pro application only. Theyre among the toughest of all hardwood flooring finishes, and the most expensive. Theyre sometimes called conversion varnish sealers.

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Minwax Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors is a clear, oil-based, durable, protective finish specifically formulated for use on hardwood floors. Superior durability for hardwood floors. Optimized drying technology results in faster recoat time between coats.

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Aside from bleaching/white wash finishes, the lightest you can go is natural i.e. no stain , so it's the color of the hardwood with the polyurethane which is a clear coat with a touch of tint

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Unfortunately with many site finished floors, buyers are limited to using solid hardwood if the preference is plank flooring over four and five inch widths. However, engineered is beginning to replace the use of solid hardwoods for reasons of better stability.

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If your wood floor has become warped or if several of the planks have become damaged, you will typically need to replace the entire floor, as finishing will only brighten an already-damaged surface.

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Just like solid hardwood floors, engineered hardwood floors come in a wide variety of styles, colors and wood species options. Engineered wood floors can also be sanded and refinished just not as many times.

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Wood flooring professionals tend to assume that everyone knows that stain is quite different from finish varnish is one class of finish used on floors, but not the only one , which is the generic term for any substance that can seal the porous surface of wood and provide a layer of protection and reflective sheen.

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All Armstrong hardwood floors come with a protective finish, but the level of protection can vary by collection. Our Lifetime Finish provides superior protection from everyday wear. And Paragon hardwood, protected with Diamond 10 Technology, provides the toughest protection against scratches and stains.

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Tap them below the surface with a nailset photo 7 and fill the holes with wood putty. Lightly sand the entire board smooth, but be careful not to remove too much finish from surrounding boards. After finding a matching stain color by experimenting on scraps of flooring, stain the boards to match the original floor.

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Using the technique shown in Photos 1 4 and a carbide-tipped flooring blade that can cut through nails, remove the old hardwood flooring and install a perfect replacement piece. New flooring usually stands proud next to older, worn flooring. Also, matching the color of aged flooring is difficult.

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Dont make the outdated choice when you update your floors use these 2017 wood flooring trends to choose something durable and stylish that will stay in style the lifetime of your floor.

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For laying a hardwood floor over concrete, it's best to use a floating floor system where the floor is not glued to the concrete. Wood flooring is a major investment, so always have the concrete checked for moisture prior to installation.

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Prized for their natural beauty, our hardwood floors come in countless colors, styles and species to help you transform your home. Armstrong Flooring is crafted from the finest American, imported and exotic hardwoods, for durability you can depend on for a lifetime. Beneath its protective finish, solid hardwood flooring is exactly that

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Alternatively, if you replace the floors with prefinished hardwood, its a much faster process, less messy and you can still live in the home fairly easily. I have many customers that have done this simply because they want to avoid the mess created from refinishing the hardwood floors.

Should I refinish my hardwood flooring or replace it?

If you replace them, you need to pay for additional wood as well as ripping up and hauling away existing hardwood. If portions of your hardwood are damaged e.g. pet stains or minor water stains , you can replace these sections and when you refinish them and it will all look new.

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The entire 1st floor and staircase to 2nd floor has original hardwood, which we will refinish and clear coat natural finish . The entire 2nd floor is all pine flooring. Should we also refinish 2nd floor, even tho its a different wood, and wont match the 1st floor?

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Unlike most other hardwood floor finishes, penetrating oils dont leave a hard shell on top of the wood; for this reason, a final coat of wax often tops the oil for extra protection.

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Once the stain dries, apply a finish coat of sealer to replicate the original flooring. Replace the damaged flooring with the new piece, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

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